Artist Statement

Painting with Knives:  New works by Francie Lyshak

In my abstract work, I concentrate on the interaction of painted colored surfaces in layers with indentations. Applying my material with a palette knife, the canvas has a renewed objecthood and a unique presence. Some works feature patterns of repeated words and phrases, some legible, others of which vanish into the physical substance of the work. Other works concentrate on textured of fields of color in deceptively simple compositions.  My latest series, Character Analysis, is built upon the creation and destruction of multiple layers of paint. New layers arise out of the scar tissue of the previous layer. Each painting integrates these multiple layers into a finished, mature painting—which acquits itself in a final state of complex quiescence. In so doing, the paintings conjure contemplative moods, atmospheres and fluid meanings that prompt a meditative gaze, a calm, mindful form of looking.