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Francie Lyshak



Artist's Statement:

An Examined Life


Socrates made the observation that an unexamined life is not worth living. The common thread of my paintings has concerned the examination and representation of internal experience. My later work continues this line of examination, yet reaches beyond the personal nature of such a quest. I do this by offering paintings that provide a setting for the viewer to engage in the universal experience that is known as self-examination, meditation or mindfullness practice.

My early work used the figure and landscape to reveal psyshological states of mind. My later work has been increasingly dedicated to carving away all that is peripheral in figurative, landscape and architectural painting in order to discover and examine its pictorial essence. Guided by raw intuition and a limited palette, I explore the effect of hue, tone, and line. Brushwork lends a sense of mood and dynamism to each work. By eliminating peripheral details and narrative, I depict an expansive, undefined space for the mind. Each painting is an open field, a place to wander in an atmosphere that is filled with intellectural space and emotional ambiguity.