The Bar Project: Voices from an Artists' Community

by Francie Lyshak

Francie Lyshak Brad Ellis Evan Lurie Joe Voitjko
Lavinia Coop Steven Harvey John Lurie Tony Nunziata
Ray Dobbins Gary Indiana Larry Mitchell Bill Rice

Were you part of this community?

This is a curated archive of a time and place in East Village history. The time is the late 70's thru the early 90's. These oral histories are limited to the artist's/intellectuals that interacted at the Bar on Second Avenue and 4th Street. This includes Bill Rice, who hung out at the Bar, and the community of artists who presented their work at this studio on East Third Street. If you were a member of that community and would like to submit your own written oral history, you are welcome to submit your statement. The questions that the interviewees were asked are below, as is a copy of the consent form for publication. If you would like your contribution considered for publication as part of this web site, for possible exhibition or research related purposes, please feel free to sumit your consent and your statement to me at

Thank you.

  1. Describe your relationship to the people at The Bar and/or Bill Rice’s studio around the 1980's.
  1. Do you have any specific recollections of that time that you could share with me?
  1. Please describe the environment, the community and the values of that time.
  1. What were you doing creatively then?
  1. Would you say that the community had any influence on your work?  If so, please describe that influence.
  1. Some of the artists/writers/intellectuals from that community have died.  Do you have any memories of them from that time that you could share with me?
  1. What would you say are the forces that contributed to the expansion of this community and what would you say are the forces that contributed to the contraction of this community?


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I am doing research on the lives of artists who were part of the community in the East Village during the late 1970’s early 1980’s and who frequented The Bar and/or Bill Rice’s studio. My research involves collecting oral histories relevant to that time. The purpose of the following agreement is to allow me utilize these materials for my research and to donate it to an archive so that other researchers may be able to benefit from these documents. At some future time, this material might be posted on the web, published in book or displayed at an art exhibition.
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